Director: Roland Vranik

Hungary, 2009, 90min., drama
Ever wonder what it might be like to live in a world where no computer screens or TV monitors work? Imagine you’re going back to a basically agrarian lifestyle. And it’s not as much fun as you’d think: TVs don’t broadcast, computer monitors are blank, the entire telecommunication industry has disintegrated. People who normally spend their lives in front of these screens are now having what can only be described as withdrawal symptoms. Because of this inexplicable and irrational phenomenon, the world panicked. Transmission follows the unusual adventures of three brothers – Henrik, Vilmos and Ottó – as they try to adjust to this new communication–free environment. Together or alone, the brothers must overcome their personal tragedies while the world around them crumbles.


Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Roland Vranik, András Barta

Dir. of Photography: Gergely Pohárnok

Cast: Sándor Terhes, Zoltán Rátóti, Károly Hajduk, Kata Wéber, Éva Kerekes, Hanna Becker, Boróka Kóródi, Ferenc Lengyel, Szabolc Thuróczy