The Juche Idea

The Juche Idea
Director: Jim Finn

USA, 2008, 62min., documentary, comedy
Jim Finn, the self–declared propaganda art guerrilla deals this time with the North Korean concept of juche, in a work which is both ironic and impressive. Juche, the term invented in 1955 by the Great Leader, Kim Il–sung, more or less means autarchy. At the beginning, its meaning was limited to political issues, but in the late 1960s, Kim Il–Sung's successor enriched it with a cultural aspect. Kim Jong–Il, a fanatical cinema–lover wrote a treatise making juche the compulsory foundation of North Korean cinematography. The Juche Idea is anarchistic both in its matter and form, it boldly deconstructs borders between documentary and fiction. Jim Finn blends archival footage of Korean production films with the sophisticated humour in lessons of the capitalist English and of the socialist English; he also introduces a sensational thread related to the abducted South Korean video artist and an experimental science fiction film made according to the principles of the juche. A truly subversive, revolutionary freestyle.

Film director won “Honorable Mention” award in “Ann Arbor Film Festival”, Michigan, 2008.
Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Jim Finn, Jong-il Kim

Music: Neung Phak, Pauline Oliveros

Cast: Daniela Kostova, Jim Finn, Oleg Mavromatti, Lee Jung Yoon, Kim Sung