Director: Ivan Vyrypayev

Russia, 2009, 92min., drama
This film is an adaptation of controversial play “Oxygen”, where the Decalogue was presented in rap style, and which was declared by critics a manifesto of “anaerobic art”. A love story is told in a modern, sometimes poetic and sometimes kitschy form, combining nearly all genres of popular culture. There is romance here, drama, horror and a criminal story to boot. An ironic parable divided into ten word and music scenes which combine spoken text with music, it resembles a video clip, with references to the aesthetics of graffiti, comic books, TV and the internet. But above all, this dynamic portrait of people stifled by their humdrum existence is a parable about the futile search for real life, feelings and God: for oxygen referred to in the title.

Vasili Sigarev and Ivan Vyrypayev won “Prize of the Guild of Russian Film Scholars and Film Critics” in Sochi Open Russian Film Festival, 2009.
“Audience Award” at Era New Horizon Film Festival 2009.


Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Ivan Vyrypayev

Dir. of Photography: Andrey Naidenov

Music: Oleg Kostov, Andriej Sensonov, Vitalij Lupin, Ajdar Gajnullin, Markscheiber Kunst, Teach In, Mandu Honap

Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Aleksiej Filimonov