Nakties sargyba

Director: Peter Greenaway

Canada, France, Holland, Poland, UK, 2007, 134min., drama
Peter Greenaway's film "Nightwatching" is about the Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn, his life, career and his most famous picture "Nightwatch". In 1654 the Dutch painter Rembrandt awakes from a dream of blindness in his marital bed in Amsterdam, to remember the year 1642, and his most celebrated work later to be known as the Nightwatch. He was then at the height of his powers, and unfortunately agreed to paint the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia's group portrait. It is a film about controversial murder which has been identified in a picture.


Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Peter Greenaway

Dir. of Photography: Ruzbeh Babol, Bianca van Riemsdijk

Music: Wlodzimierz Pawlik

Cast: Martin Freeman, Eva Birthistle, Toby Jones, Emily Holmes, Jodhi May