Director: Steve McQueen

UK, Ireland, 2008, 96min., drama
Steve McQueen’s visual style and compositions in “Hunger” are absolutely breathtaking. There are a couple of scenes that will stay long after the credits are over. Captured in a single shot, Michael Fassbender & Liam Cunningham make a remarkable effort in the scene where their conversation lasts for a 16 minutes. A prison guard sweeping the prison corridor in Maze takes his time and the sound of the sweeping almost makes you feel like you are inside the prison guard. Sean Bobbitt’s cinematography captures moments when the existence is fragile and silent, but the images are full of intensity. Film art, indeed.

“Camera d’Or” at Cannes Film Festival, 2008.
“Discovery Award” at Toronto International Film Festival, 2008.
“Best Direcing Debut” – Steve McQueen, at Stocholm International Film Festival, 2008.
“Best Actor Award” – Michael Fassbender at Stocholm International Film Festival, 2008.
„Best Technical Achievement“ – Sean Bobbitt, British Independent Film Award, 2008.
“Best Cinematography“ –  British Independent Film Awards, 2008.
“European Discovery of The Year” – Steve McQueen, at European Film Awards, 2008.
“Grand Prix” at Era New Horizon Film Festival 2009.


Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Steve McQueen, Enda Walsh

Dir. of Photography: Sean Bobbitt

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Stuart Graham, Brian Milligan, Liam McMahon