Girl by the Lake

La ragazza del lago
Director: Andrea Molaioli

Italy, 2007, 95min., mystery, thriller
An idyllic town is shocked by the murder of a young and beautiful girl. Inspector Giovanni Sanzio is called in from the capital, but the victim proves as mysterious as the crime itself.
Andrea Molaioli’s debut film is a detective story framed by the silent Italian mountain landscape. Molaoli uses the camera in interesting ways. For instance the camera moves from a wide angle shot and slowly get up close to the characters in the frame. Molaioli collected almost all the Donatello Awards for this film in Italy in 2007. The film is definitely a hidden treasure in European cinema.

Winner of the Italian Oscar (Donatello Award) for “Best Picture”, “Best Editing”, “Best Sound”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best New Director”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Actor”, 2008.


Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Sandra Petraglia

Cast: Tony Servillo, Nello Mascia, Marco Baliani, Giulia Michelini