FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun

FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
Director: Gustav Deutsch

Austria, Germany, 2009, 93min., documentary
Gustav Deutsch films inspired by achievements of Duchamp are enriched with the juggling with works completed just for fun or for provocation. The title of the film refers to Jean–Luc Godard's saying: “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun”. The director created here an astonishing whole with fragments of romantic, porn and propaganda films, mainly silent ones, proving that at the archetypical mechanism “a girl and a gun” was at the base of understanding film art, but also the world as well. The presented images are commented on with fragments of works by Sappho, Plato and Hesiod, referring to cinema's role in the construction of contemporary myths. This is how reflection about cinema is transformed into a universal thought about the whole of human existence and cognition, the role of women and men in the world.
Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Gustav Deutsch