Comrade Couture

Ein Traum in Erdbeerfolie
Director: Marco Wilms

Germany, 2008, 84min., documentary
“Comrade Couture” is a humorous film about creativity as a life force – and the never–ending desire for individual freedom. This film undertakes a journey into the amazing parallel universe of East Berlin’s fashion designers and experts in the art of survival. For, in the midst of the constraints of life in the GDR, there existed a fantasy world where it was possible to dance to another tune, be individual and even provocative. The most important characteristic of this bohemian scene was one’s personal style. But this certainly wasn’t something that could be bought off the peg in the GDR. In this parallel universe it was up to you to create your own individual image – with your own hands. This film tells the story of the desires, the passion and the dreams that were tried and tested, lived and performed in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.


Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Marco Wilms

Dir. of Photography: Lars Barthel, Jörg Jeshel, Istvan Imreh

Cast: Frank Schäfer, Sabine von Oettingen, Klaus Ehrlich, Marco Wilms, Jürgen Hohmuth