Broken Embraces

Los abrazos rotos
Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Spain, 2009, 129min., drama

Pedro Almodóvar is back with a film that once more elegantly explores the maze of memory. Most of all, the film is a celebration of Almodóvar latest muse Penélope Cruz. She plays an actress completely without acting talent and Cruz plays that role remarkable well. Almodóvar is reflecting and flirting with film history in numerous remakes of famous film scenes and even films by himself. Do we need to tell you that the result is colorful?

In competition, Cannes International Film Festival 2009.


Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Pedro Almodóvar

Dir. of Photography: Rodrigo Prieto

Music: Alberto Iglesias

Cast: Penélope Cruz, José Luis Gómez, Lluís Homar, Tamar Novas, Rubén Ochandiano, Blanca Portillo