• Woody Allen and the other films will be telling stories in Kaunas
    Yesterday was the start of the Kaunas International Film Festival (KIFF), which would present Woody Allen's new film Vicki, Christina, Barcelona, with a star-studded cast, to the Lithuanian audience for the first time.
  • The Rolling Stones are coming to Kaunas
    The second Kaunas International Film Festival (KIFF) in their unique program “Music which is changing the world“ will present world-renowned films about really well-known musicians and music phenomena. The Berlin International Film Festival 2008 is also opening with a film about the legendary group The Rolling Stones, the best film about the time of the ABBA obsession, the Swedish foursome; and of course Damon Albarn's mystical project Gorillaz and the film Bananaz, which reveals the origin of this group.
  • Kaunas International Film Festival, October 9 -20
    The second Kaunas International Film Festival begins on October 9 in Kaunas. This year the festival has grown bigger - more films, more programmes, and more cinema auditoria. From October 9-20 cinema lovers will be able to see more than 40 films in four auditoria in two cities.