The Traveller Girl

Pavee Lackeen
Director: Perry Ogden

Ireland, 2005, 87 min., drama
Pavee Lackeen tells the story of Winnie, a ten year old Irish Traveller girl, who lives with her mother and siblings in a ramshackle trailer at the side of the road in a desolate, industrialised area of Dublin. The film follows Winnie through several weeks of her life as she struggles with her identity as a young Traveller girl in contemporary Ireland. Winnie fills her time wandering through the run-down shops and stalls of Dublin's inner city, while her mother Rosie struggles to get her family housed by the local council.

Pavee Lackeen presents an unflinching portrait of a marginalised community often living in Third World poverty in a modern, prosperous Ireland. Filmed with a cast of mostly non-professionals, the film uses Travelling people playing characters resembling to their own and finding the core of the story in their own life experiences.

The Travelling people of Ireland maintain a culture and language which sets them apart from the rest of the population, and have been the victims of much misunderstanding and prejudice that continues to this day. Shattering existing stereotypes, Pavee Lackeen presents an intimate portrait of a resilient and spirited young girl and her proud, dignified family struggling day by day against faceless bureaucracy, poverty and prejudice.

In Kaunas Pavee Lackeen is presented by the director Perry Ogden.


Perry Ogden, Martina Niland, ‘Best Film - Irish Film and television Awards’, 2007.
Perry Ogden, ‘Breakthrough Talent - Irish Film and television Awards’, 2007
‘Satyajit Ray Award’, London International Film Festival, 2007.
Section: Special focus on Irish film

Screenplay: Perry Ogden, Mark Venner

Dir. of Photography: Perry Ogden

Producer: Perry Ogden, Martina Niland

Cast: Bonnie O'Brian, Winnie Maughan, Paddy Maughan, Rose Maughan, Kate Maughan, James Maughan, Rosie Maughan, Brian Dignam