Short Order

Short Order
Director: Anthony Byrne

Ireland, 2005, 100 min., comedy, drama
Food’s up! The protagonists gather: Short Order Chefs, Masterchefs, and Delivery People, working out their philosophies between bites of honest-to-goodness, Onions, Mustard Hot Dogs, Garlic studded, Lemon and Rum drenched prawns, house special Osso Bucco (featuring the freshly chopped fingers of Bill-Dodging Customers).

Will the philosophical musings of short order chefs from around the world regarding pizza dough and female orgasms, omelettes and maidenhead larceny, hot dogs and sexual frustration in American women during the war years shed any light on God’s plan?

On Planet Earth on any given night, a billion stories unfold describing with their arc the mystery and majesty and magic of existence. And what better metaphor than food can describe the poetry of life in all its forms?

Food’s up, my friends. Enjoy. Because ‘Life is a Buffet...’
Section: Special focus on Irish film

Screenplay: Anthony Byrne

Dir. of Photography: Brendan Maguire

Music: Niall Byrne

Producer: Brian Willis, Peter Stockhaus, Christine Alderson, David Collins

Cast: Emma de Caunes, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Rade Serbedzija, Jack Dee, John Hurt, Paschal Friel, Jon Polito, Vanessa Redgrave