Shine A Light

Shine A Light
Director: Martin Scorsese

UK, USA, 2008, 122 min., documentary
The famous director Martin Scorsese made the earlier film No Direction Home about Bob Dylan, but this time Scorsese filmed the Rolling Stones over two nights at the Beacon Theatre in New York. Scorsese used sixteen cameras at the same time, and it resulted in the film Shine a Light. Those who are familiar with Scorsese know that he uses a lot of Rolling Stones songs in this films, in Mean streets (Jumpin’ Jack Flash), in Goodfellas (Gimme Shelter, Monkey Man), in Casino (Sweet Virginia, Gimme Shelter) and in The Departed (Gimme Shelter, Let it loose) to mention a few. During the press conference at the world premiere in Berlin, Mick Jagger passed on a comment to Scorsese saying “Shine a Light is the only Scorsese I know without Gimme Shelter.” And Scorsese is well aware of this. He replied “Sure. Suddenly I realised that I did this before, but what the heck, we take it again.” Scorsese also said “When I first heard them [the Rolling Stones], I thought ‘I need to capture this on film one day’. One day...it took a bit over 45 years. I actually felt a bit young during this work.” Shine a Light also includes guest performances by the blues legend Buddy Guy, Jack White from the White Stripes and Christina Aguilera.

The setting, lighting and shooting makes Scorsese’s Shine a Light an outstanding concert documentary about the rock legend the Rolling Stones. This film is a great contribution to the “Music moves the world” section of the Kaunas International Film Festival.
Section: Music moves the world

Dir. of Photography: Robert Richardson

Producer: Michael Cohl, Zane Weiner, Steve Bing

Cast: The Rolling Stones, Martin Scorsese, Buddy Guy, Jack White, Christina Aguilera