Director: Paul Rowley, Nicola Gogan

Ireland, 2007, 82min., documentary
An hour north of Dublin, beside the sea, is a cheerful-looking collection of cement buildings with brightly painted doors and disused fairground rides. This is Mosney, until recently a Butlin’s holiday camp, a place where Irish families would escape the daily grind of work in order to relax, to dance, and enjoy themselves.

A visit to Mosney today presents a radically different picture, but still a picture of escape. This former holiday camp is now a camp of another kind: home to immigrant asylum seekers from all corners of the globe. Once brought here, how do traumatically displaced people adapt to their strange new environment? How does prolonged detention affect their aspirations, ambitions, and their mental health? Living day-to-day in this global village of sorts, deportation is a constant fear - one never knows what the next moment will bring. Is this a place to begin healing, or do these anxieties create new forms of trauma? And how does the culture of hospitality carry over with the staff, many of whom have been working here for forty years?

Over three years, the filmmakers lived in Mosney, gaining the trust of the residents who share their stories. The film presents an intimate look into their lives...waiting either to be accepted into Ireland, or sent back to the horror from which they fled.
Section: Special focus on Irish film

Producer: Paul Rowley, Nicola Gogan, Maya Derrington