Director: Ferenc Török

Hungary, 2007, 92 min., drama
Peter is a successful broker in Budapest. One day, two events occur that turn his world upside down and confront him with the shattered remains of his life. A very important client suddenly demands to cash out all his money, which Peter has lost. To make matters worse, Peter receives an anonymous positive pregnancy test. His way of living is at stake and Peter starts to question this very life. A chance for a new beginning arises but will Peter have the courage to leave his past behind?

This Hungarian film isn’t particularly about Hungary; it is more about a globalized world. Time is passing by slowly in an office where numbers, sheets, news, and online computer games set the agenda. As the stock exchanges in Budapest, Berlin and Mumbai open and close at different times, time and money can be won and lost in this speculatory gambling of stocks. Instead of showing a social drama, Ferenc Török observes the psychological pressure on business people. Overnight is a visually outstanding portrait of the stock market and the people dependent on it.

Award: Best Visual Design: Balázs Hujber, Budapest Hungarian Film Week, 2008.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: András Maros, Ferenc Török

Dir. of Photography: Dániel Garas

Producer: Iván Angelusz, Gábor Kovács

Cast: Viktor Bodó , Ervin Nagy, Kata Pető, Enikő Eszenyi, Gábor Máté