Music Partisans

Muzyczna Partyzantka
Director: Mirosław Dembiński

Poland, 2007, 52 min., documentary
In Music Partisans, Miroslaw Dembinski once again explores Lukashenko's reign of terror in Belarus, this time from the perspective of a number of rock bands. The musicians met each other in Poland, since protest songs are forbidden in Belarus. Dembinski follows them to Belarus, where after many (cancelled) underground concerts they eventually end up in Minsk. The (cynical) historical interpretation of he strict regime comes from two musicians who were interviewed on the back seat of a car, Dembinski interlaces their protest songs with poignant archive images of, for example, the militia that hard-handedly stops protest marches. The film ends with the 2006 elections that, as was expected, ended in victory for Lukashenko. Thousands of demonstrators, including the musicians, gather at October Square, but after a few days they are arrested with force. In jail, however, they will not let them take away their ideals. Here, the protest songs simply continue. "If you're afraid, nothing ever changes."
Section: Music moves the world

Screenplay: Mirosław Dembiński

Dir. of Photography: Maciej Szafnicki, Michał Ślusarczyk, Remigiusz Przełożny, Dariusz Załuski

Cast: N.R.M. (Independent Republic of Dreams), Tarpacz, Ściana, Siddharta