It's a Free World

It's a Free World
Director: Ken Loach

UK, 2007, 105 min., drama
Angie may not have much of a formal education, but she's got energy, wit and ambition, and she's in her prime. She's been messed about in the past and she's fed up. She has a point to prove. This is her moment.

Angie sets up a recruitment agency with her flat-mate Rose, working in a twilight zone between gang masters, employment agencies and the migrant workers they place. This is a tale set against the reality of the Anglo Saxon miracle of flexible labour, globalisation, double shifts and lots of happy, happy, happy consumers: Us.

Highly acclaimed director Ken Loach and scriptwriter Paul Laverty once more made a film about worker’s conditions in way that is interesting and relevant for all audiences. Kaunas International Film Festival favourite, Polish actor Leslaw Zurek plays the role of Karol. He is a Polish immigrant looking for a job who finds himself caught between the recruiting agencies and the jobseekers. Angie is played by Kierston Wareing and looks like a cross between Brigit Bardot and Pamela Anderson, when she rides her motorcycle to recruit migrant workers. Kierston Wareing’s first main role is a very good portrait of Angie that gives the audience the contradictory feelings of compassion and anger, repudiation and sympathy.

Ken Loach’s It’s a Free World is one of the most relevant and interesting films made in recent years dealing with migrant worker’s conditions and in a globalised world.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Paul Laverty

Dir. of Photography: Nigel Willoughby

Producer: Rebecca O'Brien

Cast: Kierston Wareing, Juliet Ellis, Leslaw Zurek, Colin Caughlin, Joe Siffleet