Director: Steve Buscemi

Holland, USA, 2007, 81 min., drama
Controversial international filmmaker Theo van Gogh was, to say the least, a celebrated talent. He directed 13 highly acclaimed films and was awarded the Dutch Academy Award for best direction a record four times. Sadly, however, he has become most famous for his shocking murder. He was shot and killed in cold blood on 2 November 2004 by a religious fundamentalist angered over the portrayal of Islam in his short film Submission Part 1. After his tragic death, producers Bruce Weiss and Gijs van de Westelaken decided to fulfill Theo’s dream of remaking three of his original films in English with Hollywood stars.

In Interview, Sienna Miller and actor/director Steve Buscemi go head-to-head in a sexually charged drama about media, truth, and celebrity. Self-destructive journalist Pierre Peders (Buscemi) is no stranger to violence and inhumanity.  Having made his name as a war reporter, he has traveled the world and seen some of the most horrifying sights imaginable. So it’s no surprise that he’s upset when he’s demoted to interviewing America’s most famous soap star Katya (Miller). The two meet and instantly it’s a collision of two worlds – Pierre’s serious political intentions and Katya’s superficial world of celebrity. But perhaps all is not as it seems. As their confessions grow more intimate, Pierre and Katya find a deeper connection. Each is scarred in their own way, aching from deep, hidden pain. But honest revelations soon give way to punishing deceptions. Their confrontation evolves into a passionate verbal chess game spiked with wit, intrigue, and sexual tension capped with a riveting twist ending.
Section: Storytelling

Screenplay: David Schechter, Steve Buscemi

Dir. of Photography: Thomas Kist

Producer: Bruce Weiss, Gijs van de Westelaken

Cast: Sienna Miller, Steve Buscemi