Director: Ceri Levy

UK, 2008, 92 min., documentary
“Bananaz” takes you behind the screens on one of the great creative partnerships of our time. Following a late night conversation between Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn as they dissected our "pop idoled" culture in early 2000, the virtual band Gorillaz was born. With friend and film maker Ceri Levy they decided to document the process. Levy started shooting immediately, embarking on a six year shoot with Albarn and Hewlett. During this period artist Jamie Hewlett and composer Damon Albarn all but denied their existence in the world of Gorillaz. During this time pretty-but-vacant singer '2D', satanic bassist 'Murdoc Niccals', amiable man-mountain drummer 'Russell Hobbs' and 10 year old Japanese guitar prodigy 'Noodle' were nominated for 6 Grammy Awards, sold over 15 million albums and attracted more than 10 million unique users to their website. For the first time the virtual walls come down and the audience sees the true brain child of Hewlett and Albarn; the work that went into the drawings, the animation, the music and the voices. As one radio interviewer puts it, "It's a parallel universe - these guys aren't in the band but they know the animated characters who are". Bananaz is the funny, riotous and compelling film which gives a never seen before account of the working relationship of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. An inspiring, unsanitised, free-wheeling, rather puerile comment on what can be done when creative minds meet in the spirit of collaboration.
Section: Music moves the world

Music: Gorillaz

Producer: Ceri Levy, Rachel Connors

Cast: Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, D12, De La Soul