I Am Sorry

Director: Vytautas Žalakevičius

Lithuania, 1982, 90 min., tragicomedy
Pranas, now a celebrity singer, returns to his homeland from a big city. He is greeted at the airport and driven to his native village by a childhood friend Jonas, who works there as a doctor. Pranas’ parents still live in a huge archaic red brick mansion, which stands out against the standard buildings of a soviet settlement. Their life is quite tough - they are not capable of taking care of themselves and they are constantly grumbling about it, but they still worry about each another. Pranas starts reconstructing the house. He empties the attic and alters the rooms - a ‘catastrophe’, in his father’s eyes. The prosperous village governed by Mr. Ačas, whom everybody calls ‘the president’, is often visited by strange ‘visitors from the capital’ who have to be nicely hosted. Mr. Ačas’ wife Rožė is bored by her husband’s routine and ingenuously envies him his new office-girl, the struggling but ostentatiously independent Inga, and invents a story of her own new love for the doctor Jonas. One day, during a turmoil caused in the village by a rabid dog, Pranas’ father slips out of the house...

* Text from www.lfc.lt
* Pictures from the funds of Lithuanian theatre, music and film museum
Section: One hundred Springtimes. Tribute to Vytautas Kernagis

Screenplay: Vytautas Žalakevičius

Dir. of Photography: Donatas Pečiūra

Music: Vytautas Kernagis

Cast: Eugenija Šulgaitė, Vacys Blėdis, Aleksandras Kaidanovskis, Kostas Smoriginas, Nijolė Oželytė, Regimantas Adomaitis, Jelena Solovei, Donatas Banionis, Antanas Barčas, Saulius Balandis, Algimantas Mažuolis, Juozas Koskus, Vita Žalakevičiūtė, Vytautas Kalinauskas