The Swallows Have Arrived

Lastochki prileteli
Director: Aslan Galazov

Russia, 2006, 90 min., drama
The main character Pik, in The Swallows Have Arrived, is a university professor of literature, and regularly frequents the bowels of the city. His literary inclinations bring the lyricism and the intimacy of a personal diary into his narration, while his scholarly mindset gives it distance and the cold detail of a documentary. It is the history of the disease, watched and described by the sufferer himself. In a wider sense it is a film about two-faced civilization, the two poles of which are a briefcase and a needle. The documentary style of the narration is a part of the aesthetic concept of the film; the ‘illusion’ of a hidden camera, the hero being ‘planted’ onto the city streets and among the regular city crowd. The considerable number of parts played by non-professionals, rather then professional actors is also a part of the documentary style of The Swallows Have Arrived.

Aslan Galazov graduated in film-directing at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) were Vladimir Pudovkin, Sergej Eisenstein, Andrej Tarkovskij and Alexander Sukurov all studied. Galazov is clearly more influenced by the Italian and French cinema film theory courses he took at VGIK, rather then the old Russian classics. In fact, The Swallows Have Arrived is made in the style of Italian neo-realism. Very far from Russian traditional filmmaking and an interesting look at North Ossetia, as this region has been politically explosive during recent years.
Section: Storytelling

Screenplay: Irlan Khug, Aslan Galazov, Anthony Byrne

Dir. of Photography: Leonid Derjagin, Anna Zabludovskaja

Music: Shirvani Chalaev

Producer: Aslan Galazov

Cast: Irlan Khug, Arthur Hatagov, Vyacheslav Guriev, Soslan Tsallagov, Elina Zaharova, Leila Tebloeva, Marat Dzagurov, Soslan Makiev, Tigran Kaitmazov, Zemfirfa Galazova