Director: Ulrik Wivel

Denmark, 2008, 99 min., documentary
What makes a festival a real rock festival: is it the bands, the life at the camp site, wearing a crazy outfit, mud diving, the opportunity to put on your nicest rubber boots, or just the opportunity to have a beer with your friends? The answer to this question has as many answers as there are tents at the Roskilde Festival camp site. The director Ulrik Wivel’s team of 16 co-directors and 15 photographers took on this task of capturing the Roskilde Festival spirit. This music festival in Denmark is one of the biggest European festivals where famous bands come onto the Orange stage and other bands play their first festival gig on smaller stages. In this documentary you will see live footage of The Streets, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, Editors, Rufus Wainwright, Jenny Wilson, Mew, Sonic Youth, and many more. Whether you want to remember the music festival you attended this year, or look forward to next year’s music festivals, or are curious to see what really goes on at these music festivals, don’t miss the change to see Roskilde. Kaunas International Film Festival is the first film festival outside Denmark that shows this documentary. The tagline says it all: “The music, the party, the feeling”. Are you joining in?