Director: Bent Hamer

Norway, 2007, 91 min., comedy
Odd Horten has driven the same train route every day for so long that the rest of his life has become a routine of comfortable rituals. But the time has come for the 67-year-old engineer to retire after forty years of dutiful service. He realizes that the path ahead is a journey without printed timetables and well-known stations. His orderly, solitary existence is about to give way to a future of perplexing questions. How could Horten get himself in such an awkward situation when he should be celebrating his retirement? Will Horten ever travel by plane? Will he finally sell his prized boat? How does Horten end up in a pair of women’s red high-heeled shoes? Will he survive a night-time drive with a blindfolded man at the wheel? The only thing for certain is that Horten is first in line for some absurd adventures and quirky encounters. And maybe even a new dog and an old love!

Bent Hamer’s film O’Horten is made in a way that can be traced to other outstanding Nordic filmmakers, such as Aki Kaurismäki and Roy Andersson. The pace and colours in the images create a warm and comfortable feeling, even when Bergen is in winter garb. 

O’Horten was selected for competition in the prestigious “Un Certain Regard” section at the Cannes Festival, 2008.
Section: Train time

Screenplay: Bent Hamer

Dir. of Photography: John Christian Rosenlund

Producer: Bent Hamer

Cast: Bård Owe, Espen Skjønberg, Ghita Nørby, Bjørn Floberg, Henny Moan, Bjarte Hjelmeland, Kai Remlov