I was here

Mina Olin Siin
Director: René Vilbre

Estonia, 2008, 87 min., drama
Rass, 17, one boy among the ranks of the socially problematic inhabitants of a suburb, gets a phone call one night. His friends ask him to go to a party, held in honour of Olar, 26, who has just come out of prison.

That very same day Rass had sold his mobile phone and his jacket in order to buy some food. Olar offers Rass an opportunity to earn some money. He has to sell 15 grams of pure meth. That is the quantity Olar’s shy but defiant half-sister Hanna, 13, has packed gram by gram already. Hanna and Olar live by themselves after their mother’s suicide. Rass takes the opportunity to earn some money. By the end of the week he and his stepbrother Mõssa are high on the drugs and the sight of the largest sum of money they have ever seen.

In this condition, Rass goes to a party held at Olar’s place and tells the most beautiful girl on the block, Renita, 22, that he loves her. After that he thoughtlessly promises Olar that he will sell the next quantity of drugs as well. But that quantity is very large. During the party Rass passes out. When he wakes up, he witnesses Olar having incestuous sex with his 13-year-old half sister. The sight makes Rass puke.

The following day Rass realizes that he has become part of a game that is too big for him. He is brutally reminded of the drugs worth a quarter of a million kroons, which he must steal from the mafia’s hiding place. If he refuses, Olar threatens to harm Renita. Rass agrees and the operation is quite accidentally successful. At the same night Rass and Renita meet again. This brings all that a teenage boy needs in life. Hope.

Rass does not know how to behave from now on. He hides himself to prepare meth in order to sell it. Hanna finds the hiding place quite by accident. Rass recognizes the same unhappy soul in the abused girl as he has himself. Rass promises Hanna that he will not let Olar harm the girl any more.

A week later the mobsters take Olar, Rass and his friends to the forest. It turns out that the mafia does not have the money for the lost meth. In a sudden flash of inspiration, Rass assures the men that he does not know anything about the deal. He does it out of rage, and the confused way that he has wished to destroy Olar for a long time. The mafia considers Olar guilty and he is raped. They threaten to do the same thing with the rest of the boys if the money is not paid in a week.

Rass and his friends come up with several scams and get the money in a week. But Olar has disappeared and the boys do not know where to take the money. Out of stupidity they accidentally get arrested and during the interrogation they give themselves away with their lies. Sitting in the cell after the first arrest, Rass is full of hope that this might mean the beginning of a new life.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Ilmar Raag

Dir. of Photography: Mait Mäkivi

Cast: Rasmus Kaljujärv, Hele Köre, Tambet Tuisk, Margu Prangel, Marilyn Jurman