Director: Johan Kling

Sweden, 2007, 93 min., black comedy
Johan Kling’s debut film Darling is a dark society comedy about the current status of society in Stockholm. Eva (Michelle Meadows) is a young, upper class girl who doesn’t care much about things other than whether she has got a spot on her smooth facial skin.  Eva is ignorant, self-centred and unable to take care of herself. Her work in a boutique is a bore and she mostly hangs around with friends talking about who is going to “that” fancy party during the weekend. Johan Kling said in an interview in Dagens Nyheter that he sees small similarities between Eva and Gustav Flaubert’s antihero Madame Bovary. Both are pretty unsympathetic characters that don’t develop themselves. In another part of Stockholm, Bernard (Michael Segerström), an electronics engineer, is newly divorced and recently unemployed. Bernard is in a downward spiral with a high home loan and no income. Eva and Bernard’s roads cross in an unexpected place, although their friendship is doomed. Michael Segerström gives a magnificent performance. His look from a bus window when he discovers Eva in a SUV, while the bus and the SUV are travelling at different levels in the frame, is pure cinematic pleasure. The awarded images by Geir Hartley Andreassen are highlighted by a music accentuation in almost the same sprit as the music in a Hitchcock movie. Johan Kling’s debut film could soon become your darling film.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Johan Kling

Dir. of Photography: Geir Hartley Andreassen

Music: Ulf Engström, Robert Östlund

Producer: Fredrik Heinig

Cast: Michelle Meadows, Michael Segerström, Richard Ulfsäter, Mikael Lindgren, Natalie Sanneman