ABBA - The Movie

ABBA - The Movie
Director: Lasse Hallström

Sweden, Australia, 1977, 97 min.
This summer was charged with ABBA fever again as the Mamma Mia! film premiered. In Stockholm, an ABBA museum that plans to open on 4 July 2009, has already sold over 3000 entrance fees through presales. How do you deal with this when you are running a music film section? Well, Kaunas International Film Festival gives you the best. This year the festival managed to drag out ABBA - The Movie (1977) from the Swedish Film Archives and bring it to Lithuania again. Today Lasse Hallström, the director of ABBA-The Movie, is a famous Hollywood director. Back in 1977 he was still mostly only known in Sweden. Hallström made a very comical film about an Australian radio reporter who is trying to get an interview with ABBA. The reporter is always too late or being stopped by ABBA’s bodyguards. The film includes many ABBA songs performed live and we see the real band in real ’70s outfits. The outfits and hairdos of the ABBA members are worth the ticket price alone. As ABBA never will perform live together again, ABBA - The Movie is a unique opportunity to see their live concerts. In our opinion this is much more authentic then later adaptations to musical film like Mamma Mia! During the ’70s people were queuing for hours to see ABBA - The Movie at the cinema in Lithuania, and it would not surprise us if the same thing happens this year. We want ABBA!
Section: Music moves the world

Screenplay: Lasse Hallström, Bob Caswell

Dir. of Photography: Jack Churchill, Paul Onorato

Producer: Stig Anderson, Reg Grundy

Cast: ABBA, Robert Hughes, Bruce Barry, Tom Oliver, Stig Anderson