The Class

Director: Ilmar Raag

Estonia, 2007, 97 min., lith. and eng. subt.

The Estonian drama The Class features Joosep, the class dork that has been bullied his entire life. When one of his classmates, Kapsar, stands up for him, an open war starts, with the class on one side and the Joosep and Kaspar on the other. Kaspar still want to stand up for Joosep, but being stigmatised and humiliated by his old friends is hard. The highest price Kapsar have to pay, when choosing side, is loosing the one he loves. Kapsar and Joosep decide to punish their classmates once for all…and it wont come without sacrifice.

The Class is based on true events and shows a class group dynamic in a truly “worst case scenario”. Ilmar Raag and the talented young cast capture the horrors of school. It is not only about teenager’s dark side it also about teachers and parents clear inability to communicate with teenagers.

Special Jury Prize, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2007
European Cinemas Award, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2007.

Section: Storytelling

Screenplay: Ilmar Raag

Dir. of Photography: Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi

Music: Martin Kallasvee, Paul Oja, Timo Steiner

Producer: Gerda Kordemets, Ilmar Raag, Riina Sildos

Cast: Vallo Kirs ... Kaspar
Pärt Uusberg ... Joosep
Lauri Pedaja ... Anders
Paula Solvak ... Thea
Mikk Mägi ... Paul
Riina Reis ... Riina
Joonas Paas ... Toomas
Virgo Ernits ... Tiit
Karl Sakrits ... Olav