Stone Time Touch

Stone Time Touch
Director: Garine Torossian

Canada, 2007, 72 min., documentary, lith. and eng. subt.
Gariné Torossian’s film “Stone. Time. Touch” is about the richly layered culture of ancient and post-Soviet Armenia. Torossian is discovering and reflecting on Armenian life and her own identity as a citizen born and raised in Canada. Armenia’s best known actresses Arsinée Khanjian, famous for starring in Atom Egoyan’s “Calendar”, returns to Armenia. This time it is not a feature film, this time it is real. Arsinée Khanjian sets off for the country of her ancestors in order to discover the true essence of the “Armenian soul”. “Stone. Time. Touch” shows engaging fragments of Armenian life, from the joyful and earthy celebrations of a village wedding to the sobering recollections of a genocide survivor. These are the voices of a society that is at once vitally present – lively, magical, and hard; yet powerfully spiritual, wounded and scripted in stone.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Gariné Torossian

Dir. of Photography: Fred Kelemen, R. Khachatryan, Gariné Torossian

Cast: Kamee Abrahamian
Arevik Arevshatian
Nora Badalian
Arsinée Khanjian
Hayr Babken Sablian