Something Has Happened

Kažkas atsitiko
Director: Artūras Pozdniakovas

Lithuania, 1986, 67 min.

Concerts of three of the most popular Lithuanian bands of the 80s and their ‘stars’ are introduced in a totally non-mechanical way. The music is grouped according to personalities and corresponding chapters of the movie have been named very precisely. In the first chapter titled ‘Games’ (Žaidimai), the playful bard - Vytautas Kernagis - is successfully building his image of a ‘plumber from Ukmergė town’ dreaming of exotic Jamaica. In the very first episodes, the intentionally eclectic combination of nature and decorations becomes obvious and the rest of the movie also emphasises the ‘making of a movie’. The next chapter entitled ‘Festivals’ (Šventės) is a noisy but very sincere concert by Andius Mamontovas and Algirdas Kaušpėdas in a park the capital city, Vilnius. The oneness of the feelings of the performers and the audience is a true festival for both sides. And finally, the finishing chapter entitled ‘Dreams’ (Sapnai) leaves the space of the screen for Algirdas Kaušpėdas’zombie-style show and logically brings the viewers to the context of the past that should be disposed of as soon as possible. The idea of the movie evolves very naturally - from a youthful and kind of retro spree through minor reflections to drastic foreboding that is important throughout the entire movie. ‘Something has happened’ to the society and the corresponding song gives us a warning.

The division of the material into chapters is also complemented by various relative non-singing characters appearing in the camera field view from time to time, such as a ‘supervising employee’ whom his henchmen try to mount on a horse at first and who later tries to get to the microphone of Andrius Mamontovas under the contemptuous howling of the crowd and who most probably later returns as one of the zombies. Mimicry of the old generation that had thrived under the Soviet regime is contrasted with open emotions of young people. The movie is full of irony and self-irony including parody episodes from famous movies - after all, this is ‘only’ cinema.

Saulius Macaitis, www.lfc.lt

Section: Music changing the world

Screenplay: Artūras Pozdniakovas

Dir. of Photography: Algimantas Mikutėnas, Viktoras Radzevičius

Music: Vytautas Kernagis, Andrius Mamontovas, Algirdas Kaušpėdas

Cast: „Artelė“ ir Vytautas Kernagis, „Fojė“ ir Andrius Mamontovas, „Antis“ ir Algirdas Kaušpėdas. Vaidina: funkcionierių -- Leonas Zmirskas, vampyrą -- Andrius Šiuša, detektyvą -- Juozas Budraitis; Galina Dauguvietytė, Olegas Ditkovskis, Zenonas Ročys ir kt.