God Willing

Om Gud vill
Director: Amir Chamdin

Sweden, 2006, 86 min., lith. and eng. subt.

In 1975, the hottest summer ever in Stockholm, two brothers Juan and Tito are working day and night to make ends meet. Juan married young back in Syria and is now getting everything ready for his wife’s arrival the following week. He is dead set on his waterproof blueprint for a good life… There was one thing he couldn’t plan though ….True Love! One morning at the bus stop, there she is - Juli, a beautiful tango singer from Finland, who’s in Stockholm to be examined for a serious illness. Juli not only took his seat at the bus stop but a permanent place in his heart.

Amir Chamdin is a well-known music video director. In this film Chamdin works with Nina Person, singer from ‘The Cardigans’ and they both act for the first time in a feature film. Person uses a lot of grace in the acting as a Finish tango queen and Chamdin plays the role of the nice guy you never notice. You will notice many references to Martins Scorsese’s Mean Streets with Robert De Niro. God Willing is shot in the same spirit as Mean Streets with black & white images and Crille Forsberg’s skilled cinematography composition was awarded in Gothenburg Film Festival. The soundtrack is composed by Nathan Larson (Nina Person’s husband), who has also composed music for feature films by Lukas Moodysson and Tom Solondz. God Willing is based on the true story - the director’s father’s story.

Kodak Nordic Vision Award for Best Cinematography, Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden, 2006.

Section: Storytelling

Screenplay: Amir Chamdin, Martina Stöhr, Erik Egler

Dir. of Photography: Crille Forsberg

Music: Nathan Larson

Producer: Martina Stöhr

Cast: Amir Chamdin
Nina Persson
Janne Carlsson
Tito Pencheff
Alexander Karim
Sunlil Munshi
Hassan Brijany
Georgi Stark