Tbilisi Tbilisi

Tbilisi Tbilisi
Director: Levan Zaqareishvili

Georgia, 2005, 107 min., lith. and eng. subt.
All the roads seem to lead to the market, as the world is becoming a market place. “Professors are selling margarine while salesmen have become ministers” says the young filmmaker Dato. He has no money to make a movie, and refuses to make a commercial for a businessman with corrupt methods. Dato is writing a screenplay. Excerpts from his script, shot in black-and-white, are cut into the main story in the film. All the stories involve the people in the market. The life of Dato and his friends are interwoven so that they become one long narrative about contemporary life in Georgia.

It took director and writer Levan Zakareishvili eight years and a war to complete the film about his native Tbilisi. “Tbilisi-Tbilisi” became his last statement about the situation facing filmmakers and his portrayal of his hometown. Levan Zakareishvili passed away in the summer of 2006. Kaunas International Film Festival commemorates him by showing “Tbilisi-Tbilisi” in this year’s festival. Make sure you plan o fit this film in your festival schedule, because you don’t want to miss “Tbilisi-Tbilisi” for all the margarine in the world.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Levan Zaqareishvili

Dir. of Photography: Mikheil Magalashvili, Lika Pirveli

Music: Niaz Diasamidze

Producer: Teimuraz Giorgobiani, Levan Zaqareishvili

Cast: Giorgi Maskharashvili
Eka Nijaradze
Rusiko Kobiashvili