Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience

Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience
Director: Anders Nilsson

Sweden, 2006, 51 min.
The Knife’s “Silent Shout - An Audiovisual Experience” is the performance footage from groundbreaking Swedish electro-pop brother & sister duo The Knife. The film recorded at The Knife's Gothenburg concert in April 2006, features visuals by Andreas Nilsson and brings to life the full stunning audio visual spectacle of one of the most cutting-edge live shows in the world. The Knife played only a handful of live shows and if you were not one of the lucky few to see the performance, this is the perfect chance to see what you missed. Critically acclaimed band The Knife makes electronic music for the 21st Century. This audio visual experience in Romuva, is where you should start your Saturday night experience.
Section: Music changing the world

Dir. of Photography: Marius Dybwad Brandrud

Music: The Knife

Producer: Skogen

Cast: Karin Dreijer Andersson („The Knife“)
Olof Dreijer („The Knife“)