Rolling like a Stone

Director: Stefan Berg

Sweden, 2005, 65 min., documentary, lith. and eng. subt.
The Swinging 60’s with pop, rock, rhythm ‘n’ blues and long hair. An old super 8 film roll shows the images of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones. It is summer 1965 and The Rolling Stones is the first big international band in town. They stay for a whole week in an apartment with some new friends they just met in Malmö. There are pop idols from the local bands Nameloser and Gonks, and ordinary pop fans, boys and girls, hanging out in the flat.

40 years later, time has passed and things have changed. We all know the history of The Rolling Stones and they are still out on world tours. The Nameloser and Gonks were as big as the Rolling Stones in Sweden, but today they live ordinary lives. It is like two different worlds, going from being a pop idol with screaming girls at concerts, on tour, and groupies in every town to a slow life with daily routines such as defrosting your fridge. Rolling like a Stone shows the story of a generation that created their identity in the 60’s and how they live with their dreams and nostalgia in the present time. This film includes unique archive footage from concerts in Malmö and interviews with Rolling Stones from 1965.

Best Music Documentary Award Silverdocs, USA 2006
Section: Music changing the world

Dir. of Photography: Stefan Berg

Music: Metro Jets, Namelosers, Gonks, Tages

Producer: Magnus Gertten, Stefan Berg, Nilla Dahl

Cast: Tommy Hansson
Kerstin Malmström-Bengtsson
Mona Ovendal
Ola Ström