Jules and Jim

Jules et Jim
Director: François Truffaut

France, 1962, 106 min., lith. subt.
This is French director François Truffaut's third film and an international success that confirmed Truffaut as an acclaimed director. For many viewers it is the best Truffaut film ever made. Julet et Jim is an adaptation of a novel by Henri-Pierre Roché. Set in Paris between 1912 and 1933, friends Jules and Jim fall in love the same woman, Catherine. She chose Jules and marries him, even though she is also attracted to Jim. When the Second World War starts, the Austrian Jules is called up to serve his country, and Jim has to fight for France. They fear that they will have to face each other in the war but their friendship endures, as does their love for Catherine. When they meet after the war, Jules and Catherine have a daughter but their marriage is not what it used to be. Their shared life becomes a whirling ménage à trois, filled with passion, delight and tragedy.
Section: Retrospective: Nouvelle Vague

Screenplay: François Truffaut ir Jean Gruault, pagal Henri-Pierre Roché novelę „Jules et Jim“

Dir. of Photography: Raoul Coutard

Music: George Delerue

Producer: Marchel Berbert, François Truffaut

Cast: Jeanne Moreau (Catherine)
Oskar Werner (Jules)
Henri Serre (Jim)
Marie Dubois (Thérèse)
Vanna Urbino (Gilberre)
Sabine Haudepin (Sabine)
Boris Bassiak (Albert)
Kate Noëlle (Birgitta)
Anny Nielsen (Lucy)
Christine Wagner (Helga)
Jean-Louis Richard (kavinės lankytojas)
Michel Varesano (kavinės lankytojas)
Pierre Fabre (girtas vyras kavinėje)
Danielle Bassiak (Alberto draugas)
Bernard Largemains (Merlin)
Elen Bober (Mathilde)
Dominique Lacarrière (moteris)