Hiroshima, My Love

Hiroshima mon amour
Director: Alain Resnais

France, 1959, 90 min., lith. subt.
Hiroshima mon amour is a love story in the shadow of the atomic bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima. Marguerite Duras’ script touches our dark, forgotten past and how it can form the present and decide our future. The philosopher Henri Bergson's phenomenological insights influenced and inspired Resnais to make films about how time changes the perception of people’s memories. In Hiroshima a French actress and a Japanese architect meet. During one night of passion they entrust each other with their destinies. The loved ones have the feeling that time doesn’t exist, they become incapable of staying and incapable of leaving each other. Resnais’ long experience as editor made it possible to explore the art of film montage. He used sound, voice and tone for associative montage with instead of linear editing and created one of the most influential Nouvelle Vague films.
Section: Retrospective: Nouvelle Vague

Screenplay: Marguerite Duras

Dir. of Photography: Sacha Vierny, Michio Takahashi

Music: Giovanni Fusco, Georges Delerue

Producer: Samy Halfon

Cast: Emmanuelle Riva (ji)
Eiji Okada (jis)
Bernard Fresson (vokietis)
Stella Dassas (motina)
Pierre Barbaud (tėvas)