7 virgins

7 Vírgenes
Director: Alberto Rodríguez

Spain, 2005, 86 min., lith. and eng. subt.
A weekend away from reform school in Seville, to attend his brother’s wedding, gives sixteen-year-old Taño (Juan José Ballesta) an opportunity to test his new self against the old. With a harsh warning from his brother to stay out of trouble, Taño fails miserably and is immediately back to his old ways – taking drugs, getting drunk, stealing and having sex. But this time things go too far and Taño’s freedom soon turns into some painful life lessons ushering in a new-found maturity.
(From the Spanish Film Festival in Sydney)
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Alberto Rodríguez, Rafael Cobos

Dir. of Photography: Alex Catalán

Music: Julio de la Rosa

Producer: Jose Anonio Felez

Cast: Juan José Ballesta, Jesús Carroza, Vicente Romero, Alba Rodríguez, Julián Villagrán