2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris
Director: Julie Delpy

France, Germany, 2007, 96 min., lith. subt.

Lithuanian premiere at the Kaunas International Film Festival, Sept 29th.

Julie Delpy is a multilingual genius who writes, directs, edits, produces, stars and even composes music in her directorial debut 2 days in Paris. Marion and Justin are what you could call a multinational couple; she’s French, he’s American. They live in the cultural melting pot of New York, United States. Their relationship is brought to the test in this charming, smart story. After a disastrous attempt to have a romantic "dream holiday" in Venice, they stop for two days in Paris. Marion grew up in Paris and still has a little apartment, one floor above her parents. From there on, for Justin, it´s going to be two weird and off-beat days, in which he meets all of Marion´s exes and discovers her somewhat unconventional family. He knew that Paris is a town for lovers, but not that everyone talks about sex! It is all about panic, neurosis and sex. Everyone gets a little stroke by Julie Delpy in this film. She deals with hypochondriac Americans, arrogant Frenchmen (especially taxi drivers), nostalgic parents, horny ex-lovers and militant vegans. Delpy herself stars in the role as Marion and (the confrontational) acting between her and Justin gives sparks and kicks, that will make you laugh loud. This comedy is the snappiest story you will see in the cinema this year.

Section: Identity

Screenplay: Julie Delpy

Dir. of Photography: Lubomir Bakchev

Music: Julie Delpy

Cast: Julie Delpy ... Marion
Adam Goldberg ... Jack
Daniel Brühl ... Lukas
Marie Pillet ... Anna, Marion mama
Albert Delpy ... Jeannot, Marion tėvas
Aleksia Landeau ... Rose, Marion sesuo
Adan Jodorowsky ... Mathieu
Alexandre Nahon ... Manu