The organisation “Visos muzos” has established Kaunas International Film Festival (Kaunas IFF) in 2007 as a public act seeking to draw attention of audiences and decision makers towards homogenization of film culture in Lithuania and seeking to save the oldest cinema theater in Lithuania, called “Romuva”. The event during the years developed into a real celebration of film art.


Today, Kaunas IFF is one of Lithuania’s most appreciated film festivals and the main film event in Kaunas. It presents films which have been acclaimed worldwide and also looks for new discoveries. The main priority of Kaunas IFF is a combination of the artistic and social statements in film. The festival continues its strategy to present exclusively Lithuanian or Baltic premiers. The 12th edition will take place in Kaunas September 26 - October 6, 2019.

Kaunas IFF is the official festival and distribution partner of the innovative network “Eye on Films”, supported by MEDIA Mundus, a member of "Europa Distribution" network, and the Lithuanian representative organisation in the European Network of Young Cinema – Nisi Masa. Retrospective programmes combined with panel discussions, master-classes, special lectures represent important tools for film culture revival in Lithuania.


In 2010 Kaunas IFF started theatrical distribution in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. While major distributors in the Baltic countries mainly present Hollywood studio productions and mainstream 3D films, Kaunas International Film Festival creates space for art-house films in cinemas. Organisation follows the goal to influence and change the theatrical distribution situation in the Baltic countries by increasing the number of art-house films in the regular cinema repertoire. Kaunas IFF believes in strengthening the film industry by art-house film promotion and distribution.

Cinema Education

In 2011 Kaunas IFF also together with other five Lithuanian institutions, established in the field of film education started the Lithuanian three-year project “Mokausi iš kino”. Festival’s role in this project is: (1) to prepare didactic materials, (2) to organize the special screenings for pupils in cinemas, (3) organize discussions lead by film professionals and educologists, (4) train the teachers to use film in their educational programmes for children and youth, (5) organize the filmmaking workshops with all stages of film development included. For the school year 2011/2012 Kaunas IFF distribution title Sebbe was being presented in school screenings.


The central objective for Kaunas IFF is to enhance film culture and film industry in Lithuania and to represent Lithuanian film industry for film professionals worldwide all year round and with big emphasis on film education. Festival celebrates art-house filmmaking.