Guests from US, Poland and Luxemburg visited Kaunas


This year Kaunas International Film Festival invited the audience to good cinematic screenings of high artistic value including to meetings with film makers from US, Poland and Luxemburg.

In Kaunas, the Polish director Leszek Dawid, presented his film “My name is Ki“. This film reveals a portrait of modern woman and brings society's disfavor to a lonely mother up-to-date.

In Kaunas International Film Festival programme section “Music Moves the World” a film about Luxemburg’s musicians “We Might As Well Fail”, was presented by a director Govinda Van Maele. This film revealed how little country’s rock with loud and aggressive style went against stereotypes of quiet and peaceful society.

Included in the Kaunas International Film Festival were many unique encounters. With short films’ In first days of October exclusive shows of avant-garde female film programme took place. The screening on October 2nd were presented by the special guest – M. M. Serra, a director of avant-garde cinema, a tutoress, a lecturer, a director of New York Film Makers Cooperative. This program was also showed in Vilnius.

In “Žalgiris“ arena the artist and Kaunas International Film Festival presented a program of short films called “After a Scene…”. Three films were included in this programme; – “Cat Effect”, “Traces of  Elephant” and “Vargtimmen – After a Scene by Ingmar Bergman” - consolidated by the scenes, “borrowed” from other films. The director George Tiller and operator Claudio Pfeifer reproduced scenes of Ingmar Bergman’s film “Vargtimmen”, made in 1968, but absolutely different from original – there the Tiller’s version have no actors. This special composed programme “After a Scene…” was presented by its author Laura Garbštienė and Vilius Mačiulskis, “Cat Effect “operator.