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Cine-Boat launch 3rd June!

2011 june 6
NISI MASA\'s new itinerant filmmaking workshop, the Cine-Boat, launches from the Turku docks on the 3rd June!

The workshop route will take in the following locations: 3rd - 6th June: Nauvo / 6th - 9th June: Korppoo / 9th - 12th June: Houtskär / 12th - 14th June: Nötö & Utö / 14th - 15th June: Parainen / 16th - 17th June: Turku.

The results will be premiered during the Polyglot Film Festival, taking place in Turku from 18th-19th June.

The event will also showcase highlights from NISI MASA projects, to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

 Watch the trailer by Sam Batink

Read the latest press release here!

You can follow the Cine-Boat journey from our blog: www.nisimasa.com/polyglot

Official website: www.polyglot-turku.eu