• Fatih Akin: It’s easier to hate someone than to love them
    2007 september 19
    ...I’m fascinated by human relationships.Not just boy meets girl or in a sexual sense, but also between parents and children. All human relationships. I believe that all the wars in the world are the result of not using love in the way thathumanity should. I think evil is the product of laziness...
  • "Farväl Falkenberg could be the soundtrack to rural anywhere, but it's not
    2007 september 18
    The album from Stockholm-based composer, Erik Enocksson, has all the ingredients of eerie, woodland-influenced sounds (see: chiming bells, heavy organ use, perpetual dusk) as well as enough ethereal vocals to bring rustic porch culture to anyone's mind. That being said, it is also an album with an undeniable sense of "home".